About Us

Our Story

The story began when the owners adopted a golden retriever puppy named Hazel during the pandemic. Our previously-spotless home was now covered in fur at all times. With a kid on the way, we knew we needed help!

But other cleaning services were hard to get a hold of, late to appointments that would throw off morning schedules, and not tech-enabled. We thought, “we live on our phones – why wouldn’t our cleaning company? And why aren’t there any maid services specifically focused on cleaning messy, hairy homes of pet owners?”

Thus, DalMaidtion Cleaners was born.

How We Operate

Pets are family

We want to spend quality time with our furry friends, not vacuuming up all their fur!

We use tech to make life easier

Working professionals control their lives through their phones - a clean home should be no different.

Customer service in this industry stinks

But that ends with us. We strive to set a new standard and go above and beyond for our clients and their pets.

We are ready when you are!